Ainge speaks highly of Sullinger, Melo


Danny Ainge speaks with Greg Dickerson after the Celtics draft Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo in the first round of the 2012 Draft.

On Sullinger: "I think Jared can score in the low post. He's a young player. I think he can get better. I think his body can get in a little better shape. The one thing we don't see him do a lot in college that i think he has the ability to do is really step out and make shots. He can pass. he's a real thinker. He's been a real winner everywhere he's been so far in his young life. So I think he's a real good addition."

On Melo: "What I like about Fab is three things in particular, other than the size. He was a terrific shot blocker, and he takes charges. There's not many guys in the league that take a charge and block shots. The other things is he's a very good offensive rebounder. And anybody who has watched us play knows how bad we are in shot-blocking and offensive rebounding. So, he's young, he's got to learn more about the game, you know, being from another country and there's some adjustments there, but we're excited. Big guys are hard to find, and I think he has a bright future here as well."

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