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What is the Celtics' team record for most points in one quarter?

The 2023-24 C's have what it takes to break the record set by the 1981-82 team.

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Through only five games, the 2023-24 Boston Celtics have shown the potential to be an all-time great offensive unit.

They've scored at least 108 points in each game, including back-to-back historic performances against the Washington Wizards and Indiana Pacers. They dropped 42 points in the first quarter vs. Washington and topped that mark with 44 in the first frame against Indiana. In that 155-point outburst -- which marked the third-most points scored in Celtics history -- they finished with 46 in the fourth quarter.

Throughout the 82-game campaign, this new-look C's team will have a chance to rewrite the record books. It already has come close to breaking the franchise record of 50 points scored in one quarter (Feb. 5, 1982, vs. Denver Nuggets). With a fearsome lineup of Jrue Holiday, Derrick White, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Kristaps Porzingis, we can expect them to approach that 50-point mark several more times this season.

"I think what I add is more mismatches," Porzingis said last week. "Because of my shooting ability, a lot of times, they veer the switch early, so that leaves a five on JT, JB, D White, Jrue (Holiday). Like, all of those guys can just attack the five, or I can post-up the guard, and then we have the post-ups there also. ...

"It's just a matter of us finding that balance and making sure we take advantage of the best matchups, but I think that just makes us really dangerous," he added. "Really dangerous, and also, I think it's just, what can I say? It's just hard to guard us, honestly."

With a potent offense matched by one of the best defenses in the league, it's easy to see why the Celtics are considered the favorites to win it all next June.

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