Trade rumors the least of Smart's worries over past week


BOSTON – Marcus Smart has been a lot more stressed lately than usual, but it has nothing to do with the rumors involving him being on the trading block.

He will be the first to tell you that he is a big ol’ Momma’s boy, and he’s proud of it.

So when his mother Camellia Smart took ill recently, Smart took it hard.

“On Monday had to rush my mom to the hospital,” Smart recalled while speaking at his basketball camp at Brandeis University. “She had to have quadruple bypass (surgery).”

Fortunately he said, she’s feeling better now and is up walking as she undergoes rehabilitation.

Basketball has been an integral part of Smart’s life, allowing him to live out his dreams of making a better life for himself as well as his family.

But these are the times when the money, the fame, the ‘you the man’ status mean absolutely nothing.

Family – his mom in particular – helps him keep the game he loves and the family he cherishes, all in perspective.

“It’s an old saying I live by; pressure busts pipes or makes diamonds. It’s the same with this situation,” he said. “My family, working together, everybody is there, in contact with each other … it means a lot.”

The same can be said for the many calls and well-wishes he received from the Celtics organization.

One of the more frequent callers to pop up on his cell phone was Danny Ainge, Boston’s president of basketball operations.

And the calls came at a time when the Celtics were trying to move up the draft board and Smart’s name was being bantered about as a possible piece to include in a deal that would land the Celtics a top-10 pick.

Ainge said he did speak to Smart as well as some of his teammates to remind them just how much they are valued by the Celtics now and going forward.

“But I was really more concerned about his mom and seeing how she was doing,” Ainge told

Smart said the phone calls from Ainge were a pleasant surprise.

“Danny’s been there,” Smart said. “Telling me to keep him updated on everything. It shows a lot. He cares about the players in this organization. Not just because they’re making money for him or the organization. That’s the type of person he is. He’s a human being. He has a heart. It shows a lot when the basketball operations, the head man in charge, takes time out of his day and his family to check in on you.”

Even if his mother’s health were a non-issue, Smart said the trade rumors weren’t going to affect him negatively.

“Having your name in trade rumors, people look at it as a bad thing but it’s a good thing,” Smart said. “It shows how hot a commodity you are, that organizations want you. You get used to it.”

But such talk also serves as added motivation to just keep working to try and improve his game.

“The game is who I am, it’s what made me,” Smart said. “It’s a thing I go to when things are not right in my life. Being able to get back in the gym is also a good thing.”

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