Top 35 NBA free agents available this offseason


NBA free agency is right around the corner (6 p.m., June 30) and the offseason figures to be a busy one. After a season that saw the Toronto Raptors win the NBA title, the league is starting to feel more open than it has in a long time. The Golden State Warriors finally looked beatable and have a few key players injured, set to be free agents or both.

The Celtics are also among teams that could look drastically different next season as they await a decision from star guard, Kyrie Irving, who has opted of his contract and, at the moment, seems likely to leave Boston. His decision will have a ripple effect on the rest of the league and what the C's will choose to do.

Meanwhile, several teams have been trying to open up max slots to target the top free agents. In a star-studded and deep class, there will be plenty of movement and, as always, there is plenty of money to spend.



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