Spurs re-sign Green, free space for Aldridge


The news:
The Spurs continue to be the Spurs - and it looks like they could be setting themselves up for a long time.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Spurs met with LaMarcus Aldridge. But before that, they reportedly traded Tiago Splitter to the Hawks and re-signed Danny Green to a reported four-year, $45 million deal. Splitter was set to make $16.75 million over the next two seasons.

Believe it or not, the Spurs now have the financial flexibility to sign Aldridge to a max deal even with re-signing Green. And according to Yahoo Sports Adrian Wojnarowski, there's a good chance it happens. Woj reports that the Lakers, who met with Aldridge right when free agency began, didn't make a strong impression on him and that the Spurs can close the deal early.

By taking on Splitter, the Hawks couldn't afford to re-sign Paul Millsap and DeMarre Carroll. Shortly after the trade was announced, Carroll announced he signed with the Toronto Raptors.

What it means for Celtics:
Eh, not a whole lot. There was a pipe dream that Aldridge would at least entertain the Celtics. There was that picture that may or may not have been Aldridge at Logan Airport back in June. Was he there? Maybe. But it clearly wasn't to tour the city like Kevin Love did last year. Love was out and about, taking pictures with Bostonians all over the place. Aldridge? He wasn't seen in another picture after that one, and wasn't heard from either. And we recently heard the Celtics weren't even one of the teams he planned on meeting with.

We did hear the Knicks and Raptors were two teams Aldridge planned on meeting with, so the good news is if he picks the Spurs, he'll stay out west and out of the Celtics hair in the Eastern Conference.

As for Green, he may have taken a little less to stay with the Spurs and allow them a shot at Aldridge. Classic Spurs move. Again, with the salary cap going up so much over the next couple seasons, that will look like an even better deal going forward. Green is a stud from beyond the three-point line, knows how to win, and has shown up in big games over his career.

He would have looked good in green, but the Celtics have no shortage of guards right now, and making Green a priority wouldn't have made a ton of sense.

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