Social media reacts to Jayson Tatum's buzzer-beater vs. Nets


The first buzzer-beater of Jayson Tatum's NBA career elicited reactions far and wide on social media.

From an athlete who shares a similar goal to Tatum when it comes to bringing a championship to New England:

To one who's been there, done that three times:

To one who, if all goes well, could be an opponent for the Boston Celtics later on this postseason:

Green's comments absolutely ring true, as every Celtics fan was undoubtedly thinking the same thing in the waning moments of Game 1 before Marcus Smart deferred to Tatum for the game-winner.

Speaking of Smart:

Tatum's alma mater also chimed in...which is fascinating in that Tatum shares an alma mater with one Kyrie Irving, whom he slipped past for his winning bucket:

It wouldn't have been a big moment if Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson didn't chime in, of course:

Meanwhile, Shaq, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith were loving it from the TNT studios:

Curiously, one of Kyrie Irving's former teammates was tuned into the game, and despite their acrimonious split (sound familiar?) he seemed to be enjoying the Nets more so than the Celtics.

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