Shaq: Obama to blame for Rondo's struggles


Many thought Rajon Rondo's late-season slump was due in part to the Celtics trading away their starting center, one of Rondo's best friends, Kendrick Perkins.

Shaquille O'Neal has a different take; he blames Barack Obama.

In his upcoming book, Shaq Uncut, written with ESPN's Jackie MacMullan, O'Neal says that a playful insult from President Obama messed with Rondo's head and threw the Celtics point guard off his game for the remainder of the season.

From Shaq Uncut:

In early March some of the guys went to the museum of Fine Arts for a fund-raiser and got to hang with President Barack Obama. Everyone was a little bit in awe. The President turns to Ray, points at Rondo, and says, Hey, Ray, why dont you teach this kid how to shoot? Everyone starts laughing.

KG told me he saw the look on Rondos face and the kid was devastated, embarrassed. Dissed by the President, even though Im sure Obama didnt mean any harm. Rondo smiled and went along with all of it, but KG told me he could see it in his eyes. It bothered Rondo. It killed him.

The next day Rondo shot the ball horribly. He stopped taking shots after that. Hes so sensitive. I think it was a real jolt to hear the outside perception of a basketball fan who happens to be the President of the United States. It messed with his mind. Im sure of it.

Shaq Uncut is available for pre-order and will debut on November 15.

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