Rondo: I think I'm the best point guard in the NBA


We already know that Rajon Rondo likes the teammates who will join him in 2012-13, but what does he think of his own game?

While at the Nike World Basketball Festival in Paris, he conducted an interview with French website News Basket Beafrica and hit on a few interesting topics, including his standing among point guards in the NBA.

We don't think Rondo speaks fluent French, so we're assuming the interview has been translated from English for the site's French readership. We're going to do our best to translate it back into English for you. Seriously. (You can find the French transcript here.)

Here goes:

Doc Rivers has said that you're often the one talking during timeouts. You've played with the Big Three, but now we get the impression that you're the leader. Can we say this is your team?

I think so. My position as the point guard allows me to be a leader. Doc and me have worked together for six years now. I know what he wants, when he wants it. It's up to me to relay that message on the court. Doc trusts me a lot, sometimes I know what he wants without him asking.

When did you start doing that, taking over for Rivers during timeouts?

For two years, I'd say. I've gained a lot of trust in last two years. I've matured, my game has evolved, and my teammates listen to me and that helps.

The role of leader, is that in your personality? Do you want that role?

I didn't choose if I wanted to be a leader or not. I need to be for my team. Everyday I wake up and tell myself that I want to be better. I've worked hard to get here and I continue to work hard.

What do you need to do to become THE best point guard?

Like I said before, I have matured a lot and my game has also. I think I am one of the best playmakers in the league. I think I'm the best point guard in the league.

A few months ago, Danny Ainge said some tough things about you, that you might be traded elsewhere. How did you react to that?

I realized we were in a true business that day. You can be traded anywhere, anytime. It could happen right now while we're talking. It's part of the game. Trades, free agency . . . There's only a handful of guys who play for the same team for their whole career. Kobe, Dirk, Paul. A few years ago we thought that Cleveland's big man, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, we thought he would finish his career in Cleveland but he finished in Miami. It's not a common thing to wear the same jersey for an entire career.

Do you hope to play for Boston your whole career?
I hope so. But it's not up to me. Whatever happens happens.

What trade or signing has surprised you?
Hmmm, to be honest, I haven't really followed what's been happening. Just what concerns the Celtics. Ray Allen, Jason Terry. I don't watch what's happening in basketball during the summer (laughs). But, like every year, free agency is crazy. The whole Dwight Howard story. . . As long as my name isn't mentioned (laughs).

What's your plan for the summer?
A few glasses of wine in Paris (laughs). No seriously, I have two more weeks of vacation and I'm going to take advantage of them.

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