Morris, still working on conditioning, will join C's Big Three on bench tonight


BOSTON – The regular season begins in a week for the Celtics, who are doing all they can to ensure they are healthy as possible when the games truly count.
That’s why tonight’s preseason game against Philadelphia will be one in which the Celtics will rest their Big Three of Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward and Al Horford, in addition to forward Marcus Morris, who joined the team last week after being acquitted of assault charges in Phoenix from an incident in January of 2015.


Morris, who acknowledged he needs to lose seven pounds and his conditioning isn’t where it needs to be, indicated that he wanted to play last Friday against Philadelphia and reiterated that point again on Sunday in advance of tonight’s game.
“I didn’t want to miss first game,” Morris said. “It’s about being smart, protecting my body. These games, they’re a good tune-up. It’s about being ready for Cleveland October 17.”
Morris joined the Celtics in July after the Celtics traded Avery Bradley to Detroit, in exchange for the 6-foot-9 Morris.
The move was made primarily to give Boston enough salary cap space to sign then-free agent Gordon Hayward to a four-year, $127.8 million contract.
But the trade also provided Boston with another versatile frontcourt talent.
Morris spent all of last season in Detroit playing small forward, but all indications are that he will eventually start for Boston at the power forward position.
It will be a bit of a change for Morris, but it’s one he’s looking forward to embracing.
“Brad [Stevens], he’s a great coach,” Morris said. “He’s putting me in positions where I’m at a mismatch; an advantage. Playing around a great group of guys, starting at the four (power forward) should be great.”
The way Morris sees it, him playing more at the power forward position makes sense considering more and more teams are playing with smaller lineups.
“The game is starting to move to smaller fours (power forwards) who can be mobile,” Morris said. “That’s right up my alley.”


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