Marcus Smart takes responsibility for hole in wall at Verizon Center


BOSTON – Emotions were still running high for Marcus Smart in Wednesday’s game against Houston, less than 24 hours after he lost his cool and composure on the sideline at Washington and took his frustration out on the Celtics’ assistant coaches.

Smart didn’t have one of his best games of the season on Wednesday, but he played with clearer head, better focus and still played with a great amount of emotion that ultimately helped Boston to pull away for a 120-109 win over the Houston Rockets.


Smart, who came off the bench after head coach Brad Stevens replaced him with Jaylen Brown, had seven points, six assists and three steals as the Celtics (27-18) snapped a three-game losing streak.

Head coach Brad Stevens had said earlier that he and Smart discussed the incident, and that it was being handled internally.

But there was no mistaking Smart’s play seemed to have a greater focus and purposed about it, while he still played with great passion and emotion.

“I’m an emotional player,” Smart said. “I give my all every night. I went about it the wrong way (on Tuesday). I let my emotions get the best of me. But my teammates and the coaching staff, they know the kind of person I am … we talked about it. It’s in the past; we’re moving on.”

Well … not quite.

See there’s the matter of the hole in the Washington Wizards’ visiting locker room that no one seems to know exactly who did … but they all have a pretty good idea who did it.

Stevens didn’t know if it was Smart who put the hole in the wall. But if it was, Stevens said Smart would pay for it. And if it was another player, then they would pay for it.

“Oh, I didn’t know that,” Smart said when asked if he put the hole in the wall. “It wasn’t there when I came in, so I don’t know. I guess … I don’t remember doing it. But if it’s a hole in the wall, I put it there. I’ll take that one.”

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