Las Vegas projects Boston Celtics regular season win total


As the 2018 NBA offseason crawls to a close, oddsmakers have began their build up to the regular season. Las Vegas Superbook released their projected win totals for the upcoming 2018-19 regular season, and Celtics fans will be pleased to see their team with a better record than last year. 

Boston's 57.5 projection is the second highest total in the league trailing only the Golden State Warriors. For a team who was minutes away from an NBA Finals appearance without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, 57 wins seems like a fair minimum. 

Based on the projections, the rest of the eastern conference playoffs shakes out with Philadelphia, Toronto and Indiana with home court advatntage, while Milwaukee, Washington, Miami and Detroit round out the bottom half. 

Another notable win total is the arch-rival Lakers projected for 48.5 victories. That places them fifth in the western conference after acquiring LeBron James. 


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