Kyrie Irving given the Lakota name ‘Little Mountain' in Standing Rock Sioux ceremony


Celtics guard Kyrie Irving was given the Lakota name "Little Mountain" by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in a ceremony Thursday in Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

Irving's older sister, Asia, was given the name "Buffalo Woman" in the ceremony. Irving's mother, Elizabeth Larson, who died when he was 4, was a descendant of the Standing Rock Sioux. 

Irving has supported the tribe's fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, made a six-figure donation to the tribe and has the tribe's logo tattooed on the back of his neck (see below). He also has released a version of his Nike signature shoe that featured the logo.

Here's more on the ceremony Thursday from ESPN's Brian Windhorst: 

Wearing a traditional shirt with ribbons, Irving stood on a buffalo skin and was prayed over by a tribe elder, Vernon Iron Horse. As a drum group played and chanted, Irving was wrapped in a blanket, had an eagle feather tied into his hair along with a medicine ball made of porcupine quills, and had a beaded medallion placed over his head as his name was revealed to him.

"We're welcoming home two of our own," Standing Rock chairman Mike Faith said. "This definitely is history."


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