Kevin Durant to Celtics? Glen Davis lays out case for free agent signing


Kevin Durant to the Boston Celtics, who says no? Well, probably lots of people. But Glen Davis would like you to hear him out.

The former Celtics forward and 2008 NBA champion raised some eyebrows Wednesday on Instagram by dropping this hot take in a comment section: "Boston kd is on the way !!!!! Y'all heard it here first"

Durant can opt out of his contract next summer to become a free agent, and after his on-court beef with Draymond Green on Monday night, there's speculation he'll do just that.

But why would he sign with the Celtics? Well, "Big Baby" did us the favor of laying out his theory.

"Guys think about it," Davis wrote, as tweeted by WBZ's Adam Kaufman. "For real listen to what kd said earlier about Boston and (their) team and how they are a tough match for the warriors. Plus who talks about money at this time during the season. Then also uncle drew (Kyrie Irving) said 2 weeks ago saying I need a 15 year vet. It's coming together for sure now. Especially seeing this fallout in the second half of that clippers game. The warriors will handle business this year but kd leaving. Cause believe it or not the lakers are coming and kd doesn't want no part of Lebron when he's full throttle."

There you have it, folks. Durant to the Celtics, confirmed.

Davis makes a few good points, referencing Durant's possible motives for leaving Golden State and Irving's desire to add a "15-year veteran." We're not sure Durant is the player Irving has in mind, though, as KD likely would want to be the face of the franchise in his next stop rather than share the spotlight with Kyrie on a talented Boston roster.

Oh, and Big Baby doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to these predictions...

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