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Tatum jokes with Lillard after Blazers star shuts down Celtics speculation

It doesn't sound like Lillard wants to come to Boston.

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It's probably time to end the Damian Lillard/Boston Celtics speculation.

Since the Celtics' season ended with a Game 7 loss to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals on Memorial Day, there's been debate over whether Boston should make a significant roster move, and if a trade for Lillard would make sense.

Lillard, during an Instagram live video Thursday, responded to a Chris Haynes report on the Dan Patrick Show that the Blazers superstar wouldn't go to the Celtics. He essentially confirmed that Boston is not a place where he wants to go.

Tatum hopped into the Instagram live at one point and responded in the comments by writing, "Damn we get it you don’t like Boston." He added a pair of laughing emojis, too.

Lillard saw Tatum's comment and said, "Now you got my boy JT on here offended. You see? This crazy."

Lillard is a great player, but it's probably best for the Celtics if they don't acquire him. He'll be 33 years old when the 2023-24 begins, and he still has two years and almost $100 million remaining on his contract. Lillard also has missed 67 games over the last two seasons. Lillard is a tremendous scorer, but he's not a quality defender.

That said, it will be interesting to see where Lillard goes if the Blazers actually decide to trade him. Lillard was recently asked on Showtime show "The Last Stand" if he thinks he'll be in Portland on Opening Night in October, and his response was, "I do."

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