Isaiah Thomas on playing with missing tooth: ‘Pain is temporary'


BOSTON – The Boston Celtics had pulled one of the greatest playoff comebacks in franchise history on Sunday, rallying from a 17-point deficit to defeat Washington 123-11 in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinal matchup.
But after the game, Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas was in no mood to smile.
That’s what happens when you get one of your front teeth knocked out, right?
“He looks a little tougher,” quipped Avery Bradley. “I like it.”
Thomas took an elbow from Otto Porter Jr. in the first half that knocked one of Thomas’ front teeth out.
“I’ve taken a thousand hits like that and my tooth never came out,” Thomas said. “Pain is temporary. We’ll worry about it when the time comes.”
But it didn’t knock Thomas or the Celtics off stride as they pulled away in the second half for a solid victory to start what many anticipate will be a long, physical playoff series that won’t end anytime soon.
Missing tooth and all, Thomas still wound up with a game-high 33 points on 11-for-23 shooting with nine assists to just two turnovers.
As for the tooth … “It just bothers me to talk,” said Thomas who told Bradley he was getting the tooth fixed tonight. “My tongue goes right through my tooth. I’ve never had dental problems so this is new. I’ve always had teammates that I’ve always clowned them about their teeth being out and now I’m one of them.”
Yes, an emergency trip to the dentist is definitely in order for Thomas.
When it became clear that Thomas’ tooth wasn’t going to be an issue with him continuing to play, it wasn’t too long before everyone seemingly had jokes about Thomas’ missing tooth – including Stevens.
“He and my seven-year-old daughter just gave each other the open tooth smile,” Stevens said and then added jokingly, “And he made both threes right after it fell out. So, maybe that tooth was holding him back a little. But, no, I feel bad for him because he’s going to have to have some pretty significant dental work.”
Said Thomas: “Hopefully we can replace it as soon as possible.”

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