Hayward on blog: Watching ‘the toughest part'


As Gordon Hayward continues his recovery - even saying last week before the Celtics played his former team, the Utah Jazz, that he’s open to playing this season - he updated his progress and his rehab schedule in a lengthy blog post on his website. He’s also the subject of a Sports Illustrated story this week.  

Hayward said the most difficult part hasn’t been his rehab but watching his teammates climb to the top of the Eastern Conference without him. 


“The toughest part of the whole thing is honestly watching our games and other games around the NBA, and not really being able to be a part of it. The mental side of it is 100% the most difficult,” Hayward wrote in his blog. 

He basically told SI’s Lee Jenkins the same thing. Early in the season, he said couldn’t watch Celtics games past halftime. 

“It would be like, All right, I’m done, I have to turn this off,” he told SI. 

“Wishing to be on the court, trying to be on the court, those are the thoughts that kept me up at night,” he told Jenkins.

On his blog, Hayward gives a rundown of the C’s somewhat surprising season without him. “As far as the team goes, I’m really proud of what I’ve seen, and what we’ve been able to accomplish,” he writes. He showers young Celtics Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum with plenty of praise, gives kudos to Brad Stevens and of Kyrie Irving, he writes: “Of course, Kyrie has been incredible, especially his play down the stretch in games, and in the fourth quarter. He seems to have an ability to take over the game. “

Hayward concludes the post with a glimpse at his home life with his wife Robyn and two daughters: “Robyn has definitely gotten sick of me. I know that. She kicks me out from time to time, but that’s all right.” 


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