Harris signs four-year, $64 million deal with Magic


In the end, Tobias Harris stayed in Orlando.

The 22-year-old swingman was thought to be one of the more likely players to switch teams in free agency, and the Celtics were thought to be a potential suitor.

But as free agency began, all stayed quiet on the Boston front when it came to Harris. While A-level and B-level free agents signed around the league, there was nothing to report on Harris.

The Celtics agreed to a deal with Amir Johnson before re-signing Jonas Jerebko and Jae Crowder on the first day of free agency.

The Boston Herald reported that the C's had interest in Harris, but discovered that the Magic were going to match any offers made.

That wasn't always the case, but when the Magic lost out on Paul Millsap, who they offered a max contract to, it became apparent that re-signing Harris was Plan B, and they had the advantage over every other NBA team. The two sides ended up reaching a four-year, $64-million agreement.

So the Celtics are still looking for that swingman to take them to the next level, and while they didn't find him in the draft or in free agency, they also didn't tie themselves up in any major contracts going into the next season (Crowder will make a very manageable $7 million over the next five years).

I still think Harris will be a nice player (and has All-Star potential) in the NBA, but it's pretty clear that the Celtics' hands were tied in this situation.

And hey, Kevin Durant will be available next year anyways . . .

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