Fans send off C's with ‘Let's go Celtics' chant


BOSTON"Let's Go Cel-tics!" Let's Go Cel-tics!"

It's a common phrase you here all the time when the Boston Celtics play, and it's timing is usually about when the team's looking to make a run.

But on Thursday, with a couple minutes or so to play and the C's down by about 20 points, the chants started.

And they kept goingand goingand going.

The disappointment that the C's players felt in losing 98-79 to the Miami Heat goes without saying.

But the way the fans reacted even when the game was out of reach, clearly struck a chord with the players as well as C's coach Doc Rivers.

"Did you hear our crowd the last three minutes of the game?" Rivers asked to no one media member in particular. "What other crowd in the NBA does that? It's a terrific place to play. The fans were unbelievable. They did their part tonight. We just didn't do ours."

Added Paul Pierce: "We have the best fans in the world. Down 20, at home, in the playoffs, and they cheer us off the court. And that's just awesome. That's why we have the best fans in the world."

While it wasn't a topic of discussion following the loss, there's a chance that Thursday's loss could be the final home game for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen as members of the Celtics.

Both will become unrestricted free agents this summer, which gives them the ability to sign with any team they want to play for next season.

"I just wanted to say to all the fansthank you guys," Garnett said. "I've never in my life experienced anything like this - in any sport. I'm just truly blessed to be a Celtic and be a part of the city of Boston. That's what's up to all the New Englanders around here."

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