Celtics Talk: Why C's are ‘definitely in the conversation' for Beal


The Bradley Beal-to-Celtics rumors are heating up.

There already had been some speculation about Beal heading to Boston given his close friendship with C's star Jayson Tatum. But in recent days, the chances of a deal appear to have increased.

The Washington Wizards star reportedly is considering a trade request ahead of Thursday's NBA Draft. That prompted Tatum to leave a not-so-subtle Instagram comment that suggests he wants to see Beal in Green and White.

So, should the Celtics be considered legitimate suitors for Beal? NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller joined Chris Forsberg on a brand new episode of the Celtics Talk Podcast to discuss.

Celtics Talk Podcast: Is Bradley Beal’s future with Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics? | Listen & subscribe | Watch on YouTube

"I would say this, the Tatum thing is real," Miller said. "Bradley would have never considered Boston if Tatum wasn't there. Let's just be honest, he would have never considered it. But that's a thing, and before he had to leave [the Olympics] due to COVID, he had some really good synergy with Jayson, and those daily conversations didn't hurt the Celtics' chances. ...

"I think the Celtics are definitely in the conversation. Legacy is real, man. Every time I walk into that arena, I look up and I just say 'Man, there are a lot of championships up there.' And if you're a player, you have to look at that also and just look at the legacy of the franchise."

Also in the new episode: Answering your questions from the Celtics Talk mailbag, what needs to happen for the Celtics to acquire Bradley Beal, and which NBA teams can offer the best deal for Beal?

Check out the latest episode of the Celtics Talk Podcast on your favorite podcast app or watch it on YouTube below.

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