Celtics Talk: What should we expect from C's at trade deadline?


Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics have some big decisions to make over this next month.

With the Feb. 10 NBA trade deadline rapidly approaching, the C's need to figure out how they're going to build around Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Boston reportedly has no interest in separating its All-Star duo, so that means it'll have to go all-in on improving the supporting cast.

Forsberg: The middle-of-the-road path forward for these Celtics

So, what kinds of moves could the Celtics make ahead of the deadline? Should the longest-tenured Celtic Marcus Smart be a part of the team's long-term plans? Chris Forsberg and The Athletic's Jay King discuss on the latest episode of the Celtics Talk Podcast.

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Forsberg asked King how he believes the C's should proceed with Smart.

"With most of this stuff, it all depends on what you're offered, what you can get," King said. "I do think that Marcus Smart fits into the vision for this team. I think defensively, obviously, he is a huge plus. I think this year for the most part he's curtailed some of the bad habits offensively. He hasn't taken the same bad shots. He, for the most part, has done a better job there and has been more willing to lean into the passing, all that stuff. ...

"But at the same time, if he's your third-best offensive player or creator, then you're probably going to have issues. And so, I think Smart as a great defender, as a versatile guy who can run pick and rolls and find teammates and be a little bit of everything, that makes a lot of sense. So, I don't think he's part of the problem, I think he could be part of the solution if the roster is right, but I think Brad has to kind of gauge everything because of where the Celtics are, because of where they've been for the last two years. And because right now, they haven't found a mix that works to push them beyond just mediocrity."

Report: Celtics looking for playmaker/wing-type player at trade deadline

Forsberg adds third-year guard Romeo Langford as a player worth monitoring leading up to the deadline.

"I don't know if Romeo Langford is someone who's long for this club as a complementary piece. His salary goes up to $5.6 million next year. That's a tough decision when your budget is going up and all that. You gotta figure that out, so I'm very interested to see how they proceed."

Also in the new episode: Discussing the biggest takeaways from King's conversation with Brad Stevens. Should we "buy in" to the Celtics after their recent string of success? Will Ime Udoka find a way to play the young guys more while the team is competing for a playoff spot? And Forsberg and Amina Smith welcome in Payton Pritchard for an exclusive interview.

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