Celtics Talk: Bobby Marks' advice for Brad Stevens in GM role


Brad Stevens has his work cut out for him in his new role asĀ the Boston Celtics' president of basketball operations.

The former C's head coach will take over for Danny Ainge in the front office, which means he'll be the one in the driver's seat for what's set up to be an eventful offseason in Boston. From finding a new head coach to overhauling the Celtics roster, there's plenty on Stevens' plate.

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Bobby Marks knows what it's like to have those responsibilities. ESPN's NBA Front Office Insider spentĀ 20 years working in the league, including five as assistant general manager of theĀ Brooklyn Nets.

On a brand new episode of the Celtics Talk Podcast, Marks joined Chris Forsberg to discuss Stevens taking over for Ainge and the advice he'd give to him as he takes on the new role.

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"I think he's going to act as a CEO. When you are the head of basketball operations, you are the CEO of that group. Now you have to hire all the different branches, or keep. Like, Mike Zarren is terrific and Austin Ainge, Dave Lewin, guys in the front office there. So now you are relying on your experts. ...

"You are the one who's going to make the decision at the end of the day. It relies on you to come up with that decision. That's going to be the biggest thing from Brad's perspective is acting as that CEO. If he's going to want to just take it all on, then I think he's going to run into some problems here. But if he surrounds himself with the right people from the front office -- and then, I think where he's going to be best, his strong suit is the coaching part of it because he's done it, he knows the relationship it takes between a coach and a front office."

AlsoĀ in the new episode:Ā Can the Celtics get something of value if they trade Kemba Walker?Ā What does the future look like for both Evan Fournier and Robert Williams? How should we reflect on Danny Ainge's tenure with the Celtics? How much involvement will Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum have in hiring of new coach? And ForsbergĀ shares his four best 'under the radar' moves that Ainge made during his time with the C's.

Check out the latest episode of theĀ Celtics Talk PodcastĀ on your favorite podcast app orĀ watch it on YouTubeĀ below.

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