Celtics prepare to work out rookies Wednesday


By A.Sherrod Blakely

With the NBA draft just around the corner, teams are starting to get a better look at potential draft picks.

The Boston Celtics are no exception.

While the C's have done plenty of scouting throughout this past season, as well as when the season ended, a number of players will be in the Hub in the coming weeks with the goal being to impress the Celtics' brass.

Here's a rundown of some players expected to workout for Boston on Wednesday:

Justin Harper, Richmond
Height, Weight, Position: 6-9, 230 PF

2010-2011 stats: 17.9 points, 6.9 rebounds

Expected draft status: Late first round

Here's the skinny on Harper: A bit undersized for an NBA power forward, Harper makes up for that with the ability to stretch defenses with his perimeter shooting skills, as well as having the kind of strength needed to hold his own around the basket.

Jon Leuer, Wisconsin
Height, Weight, Position: 7-foot, 223, PFC

2010-2011 stats: 18.3 points, 7.2 rebounds

Expected draft status: Early second round, but strong workouts could lift him into the latter part of the first.

Here's the skinny on Leuer: Has great footwork and a high basketball IQ - two things you can never have enough on your roster. But his lack of strength and lateral quickness are two of the biggest concerns that teams have with him at this level. Still, a 7-footer with his pick-and-pop skills might be too much to pass up if you're the C's.

Jamie Skeen, VCU
Height, Weight, Position: 6-8, 242, PF

2010-2011 stats:15.7 points, 7.3 rebounds

Expected draft status: Second round

Here's the skinny on Skeen: A former Wake Forest player before transferring to VCU, Skeen's strength and ability to score from the perimeter as well as around the basket, makes him an interesting talent. While taking him with the No. 25 pick overall may be a bit of a stretch, if by some chance he's available at No. 55 - the Celtics would be wise to scoop him up especially when you consider the void that may exist in the C's bench if Glen Davis opts to sign with another team.

Matt Howard, Butler
Height, Weight, Position: 6-8, 230, PF

2010-2011 stats: 16.4 points, 7.7 rebounds

Expected draft status: Undrafted, but strong workouts could get him drafted late in the second round.

Here's the skinny on Howard: Great collegiate career at Butler, but the skills he displayed don't necessarily translate to the NBA. Teams know he has the ability to score, but the two things that could go far during workouts that could help him get drafted are showing better lateral quickness on pick and rolls, and proving that he's strong enough to play some around the basket.

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