Celtics' Olynyk, Johnson pulling for Toronto Blue Jays


BOSTON - There's certainly no playoff baseball in Boston this year, but for a couple of Boston Celtics, baseball is still very much on the brain.

Kelly Olynyk is from Toronto, Canada and Amir Johnson played six seasons for the Toronto Raptors, becoming a fan favorite in the city before he signed a deal with the Celtics this past offseason.

And with the Toronto Blue Jays in the postseason for the first time since winning the World Series in 1993, they're following along from afar.

By the time Monday's Celtics game ended, the Blue Jays and Royals were still playing - though the Jays had a healthy lead.

Olynyk had the game recorded, so he didn't want to know too much about what was going on. But with the Jays trailing 2-0 in the series, they needed to turn things around in Game 3 up in Toronto.

"I think anything can happen in baseball or in any sport," Olynyk said. "They came back from two down last series so hopefully they can make some noise in Toronto."

Johnson said he became a fan of the Jays during his time with the Raptors. He attended some games and even threw out the first pitch back in 2013.

Unfortunately, that pitch didn't go so well.

"It was tougher than I thought," Johnson recalled. "Once you get out there it's like a whole different atmosphere going into the baseball crowd and I think I grounded it and they kind of booed me. I know it was horrible. But the next pitch I threw it in the crowd and I guess nobody really cheered about that, they still booed me."

Johnson definitely remembered correctly. The baseball didn't even get halfway to the plate before it hit the ground. And sure enough, he heard the boos. He had a good time with it, though. Check out the video here.

Regardless of the fact they booed Johnson after that pitch, the fans up in Toronto - and really all of Canada - come out in bunches to support their one NBA team and one MLB team.

"It's pretty unique," Johnson said. "Like I said you've got the whole country behind your back from different parts of Vancouver to Montreal to all over. So it's pretty cool to see everybody come together and cheer for their home team."

And on Monday night, they had more to cheer for as the Blue Jays took Game 3, 11-8.

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