Brown to wear prescription goggles vs Spurs


Like many young NBA players, Jaylen Brown is big on being as fashionable as possible. 

And tonight against San Antonio he’ll don a new look, although he’ll be the first to tell you the intent isn’t to make a fashion statement.


Brown will be wearing goggles tonight after missing Boston's win over Dallas on Wednesday because of eye irritation in his right eye because of the contacts he wears.  

“It’s getting better,” Brown told reporters on Friday. “My contact I guess, from over-use or over-wear, just really irritated my eye. It didn’t get infected or anything, but I woke up (Wednesday) and I couldn’t open it and I couldn’t see. So, I couldn’t play.”

So, tonight he’ll be wearing a pair of to-be-determined goggles.

“I’m gonna break ‘em out tonight,” Brown said. “I’ve got a bunch. So, it’s gonna be a game-time decision which ones I’m gonna go with, but I’m breaking ‘em out tonight.”

Brown, who visited with an optometrist on Thursday night for what will be prescription goggles, said he has been advised to not wear contacts for a while, just to better ensure his eyes don’t get infected. 

“If it gets infected you can lose your sight,” said Brown who will be without contacts for at least a week. “So, I don’t want to mess around with that. So, I’ll be wearing goggles until further notice.”

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens used to wear contacts, and had a similar situation happen to him. 

“I’ve actually, it may not have been the same thing but I had contact issues in the past when I was at Butler and missed a game,” Stevens said. “I was also taken off contacts for a while so I know what he’s going through. I just didn’t have to wear goggles while I was playing.”

Maybe not, but Stevens’ contact problems did sideline him temporarily just like they did Brown.

“The day it happened to me was, I was in the middle of a game and both eyes were infected from a bad contact case,” Stevens said. “And I actually left at halftime. I couldn’t see the other side of the court. It was insane. I kind of knew what he (Brown) was going through. I don’t know if it’s the same thing. Those eye things are scary.”

The same may be said for the goggles that Brown selects.

Brown said his mother got a kick out of him needing to wear goggles. 

“I told her I might go with the retro specs, the Kareem Abduls,” quipped Brown. “She is a supporter of that.”


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