BOSTON SPORTS TONIGHT PODCAST: Did the Celtics fleece the Sixers?


00:43 - Tom Brady tells the media he doesn’t think his medical health should be public information. The BST guys discuss if Brady’s point is valid since the NFL requires players to report injuries and concussions. 

08:10 - John Farrell is still unsure of when David Price could return to the Red Sox. Evan Drellich checks in from Fenway Park to talk about how long we’ll be waiting for the Red Sox ace. 

11:02 - Tom Curran, Phil Perry and Rob ‘Hardy’ Poole analyze Jimmy Garoppolo’s training camp performance. Should the Patriots be concerned about how he’s been playing? 

17:30 - Jayson Tatum told “WTF in the Attic” podcast that the Celtics were going to pick him all along but they used the No. 1 pick as leverage over the Sixers. Abby Chin and DJ Bean chat with Poole about how accurate those claim may be. They also grade the Celtics off-season moves. 

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