Aron Baynes discusses Celtics, Kyrie's flat-earth talk, and the Bucks


Aron Baynes has been one of the unsung heroes for the Boston Celtics this season, as his defensive ability has led him to find a lot of success as a role player with the team. And recently, he got a chance to open up about some of his thoughts on the Celtics.

On the Spain and Fitz podcast, featuring ESPN personalities Sarah Spain and Jason Fitz, Baynes opened up on a variety of topics after the team's first-round sweep of the Indiana Pacers. But notably, he spoke about one of the biggest differences between the team during the regular season. And that relates to the team's attitude and approach to Brad Stevens' system.

I think for me, one of the biggest differences I've seen is everyone is buying into Brad's system. You know he's such a great coach and he really knows what's best for us as a team. When we all buy into his system and play within his system and do what he kinda wants us to, he usually makes us look pretty good. So, that's been one of the biggest turnarounds is just everyone understanding their roles and buying in and wanting to do it as a group.

For much of the year, the Celtics did look as though they lacked cohesion. But in the four games against the Pacers, they did seemingly settle into their roles a little bit better and the team had some stretches of excellent play overall. Perhaps that relates to buying into the system, which is certainly something that sparked success in the Celtics' other seasons under Stevens.

Baynes was also asked about his teammates and had an interesting theory on all of the Kyrie Irving flat-earth talk that was a big storyline during his Celtics' tenure. After joking around a bit, Baynes explained why Irving spent so much time talking about the flat earth theory.

I mean, if he wants to go in a little deeper, we can talk a little bit about the physics and the GPS and you know, we'll get into a little bit more of the specifics on that if he wants to. But no, I think it was one of those things that was a bit of a talking point for him. It kind of got him to get a little bit of the media spotlight and he was able to come out and say a few things that he wanted to say. So, you know, I think it was a little bit of a pink drink at the end of the day.

"Pink drink" is apparently a slang term for "conversation starter." As Baynes explains, if you're holding a pink drink, somebody's going to come over to you and ask what's in it. So, essentially, Baynes is saying that Irving used the flat-earth issue as an opportunity to talk about a few other things he wanted to say.

Of course, as an NBA star, Irving may have had a chance to speak on these issues anyway, but it can't be denied that he got increased attention for his flat-earth comments. In fact, Baynes may be onto something here.

Baynes also offered his thoughts on the Celtics' second-round opponent, the Milwaukee Bucks. He spoke about how the Celtics will need to attack the Giannis Antetokounmpo and slow down the Milwaukee offense by combatting the potential league MVP.

We know where the head of the snake is for this one. We know what we need to do and we know what we need as a focus. We need to try and stop Giannis depending on how that series goes. We'll see who we come up against, but more than likely it's going to be Giannis and the Bucks and yeah, it starts with him. I think we can give him a few different looks -- that's one of the benefits of the guys we have on our team. We can play big, we can play small. We have physical guys at both of those positions. So, it's going to be different looks for him and we'll just try to keep him guessing as to what we're going to do and try to make him always think when he's coming down.

Baynes' defense against Antetokounmpo as the Bucks will be critical. He will likely be an important piece in that series, as Antetokounmpo loves to drive to the basket and attempt easy layups, so Baynes will need to bring his best to help combat that.

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