With Victorino gone, Sox have chance to see Bradley


Rusney Castillo was recalled minutes after the Shane Victorino deal and quickly inserted into the lineup, where presumably, he'll get a chance to demonstrate whether the Red Sox made a good investment in him when they signed him to a $72.5 million deal a year ago.

That's as it should be. The Red Sox need to know if Castillo can be counted on as a building block for 2016 and beyond. The same goes for Jackie Bradley.

It's possible that the Sox may need to move Mike Napoli, then try Hanley Ramirez at first base for both Bradley and Castillo to play frequently down the stretch. With Mookie Betts locked in in center,  the two flank outfield spots could offer opportunity to the two young outfielders.

Little would come of playing Alejando De Aza in those spots, as De Aza isn't part of the team's future.

Meanwhile, Castillo, Betts and Bradley would give the Red Sox an athletic outfield with the ability to cover a lot of ground.

To his credit, Bradley has done everything asked of him at Triple A this season. He has nothing left to prove at Pawtucket.

The Sox don't have anyone else in the upper reaches of their minor league system to project as part of the 2016 outfielder. Phenom Manuel Margot is probably a 2017 arrival, given that he was just recently promoted to Double A and doesn't turn 21 until September.

He's a potentially big impact player. But before he arrives, the Red Sox have to determine what they have on hand for outfield options.

Bradley should be part of that process -- the sooner, the better.

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