Which Red Sox players are most appealing to other teams?


As the MLB trade deadline nears and the Red Sox remain out of the A.L. East lead, will they sell off players to contending teams?

If they do, who are the most appealing players to other teams?

For Lou Merloni, it's starting pitcher Clay Buchholz, who's 4-0 in his last four starts. However, there's one catch.

"He’s the guy all teams are going to be wondering if the Red Sox are going to sell," Merloni said. "He is the white flag and even if there is a white flag and they're out of it, I’m not sure they’ll trade him because of the contract he has left. 

"At 13 million dollars, you have to think long and hard and you have to get a serious return on Clay Buchholz at this point."

For Sean McAdam, 40-year-old closer Koji Uehara is also an option.

"Koji would be an asset if they decided to move him," McAdam said. "They may have to take back some of that money next year. There's probably not a huge market for [soon-to-be 41-year-old closer]. But a team that doesn’t want to give up what the Phillies are looking for in [Jonathan] Papelbon, I’d say Koji is a guy you’d have to think about." 

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