Was Pedro the most dominant athlete in Boston history?


With the induction of Pedro Martinez into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown this Sunday, and his number 45 being retired at Fenway Park next week, our Sports Tonight crew is recalling his greatness.

Has their been a more dominant Boston athlete in his prime? 41-10 combined in 1999 and 2000. His major league-leading 1.74 ERA in 2000 was two runs better than the runner-up, Roger Clemens at 3.70. The American League average ERA was 5.07 that season, the Steroid Era heyday.

Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe puts Pedro at the top of the list.

"Babe Ruth didn't become the hitter until he went to the Yankees," Shaughnessy said. "Ted Williams numbers are off the charts, but pitching in the A.L. East, in the Steroid Era? It's the right-handed Koufax 40 years later."

Said Andy Gresh: "So compelling, so captivating. I'd say yes [to most dominant], but I'd put [Tom] Brady up there. To me the biggest commonality is mentally....If they got ticked, they would go out and kill you and there was nothing you can do about it."

Lou Merloni, who played with Martinez in the pitcher's prime, called it "a lethal combination of stuff and smarts."

Watch the video above for the complete discussion.

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