The Bobby Valentine Experience: Remembering Lucchino's letter to Sox fans


The Bobby Valentine Experience is one Boston Red Sox fans want to forget, but let's face it: the story of that disastrous 2012 season is fascinating.

There was dysfunction from the moment Valentine was hired as Terry Francona's replacement in 2011. Strained relationships off the field and poor chemistry on it resulted in a dismal product. By the time the All-Star break came around, the front office became desperate for their fans' approval.

The Bobby Valentine Experience: How Bobby V pushed Youkilis out of Boston

With the season spiraling, then-Red Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino penned a letter to season ticket holders asking them to "keep the faith." You can read the full letter below:

“We have watched the team coalesce into a close group. Personalities are enhancing the chemistry, such as the cheerful Cody Ross, the friendly Mike Aviles, and the inspiring story of Daniel Nava. Jarrod Saltalamacchia has shown power, in the clutch, worthy of an All-Star. And as the talented Will Middlebrooks forced his way into the lineup, we bade farewell, with gratitude, to Kevin Youkilis, who helped us win two World Championships.

“The one constant off the field is that we have had a veritable All-Star Team on the disabled list. As we begin the second half, we look forward to the return of the “varsity,” including Jacoby Ellsbury, Carl Crawford, Andrew Bailey, and the ever-dirty Dustin Pedroia.

“Meanwhile, as you come to Fenway Park throughout this season, we hope you will come early—the secret to fully enjoying a sports venue. Now ‘A Living Museum,’ Fenway Park probably leads the league in bronze plaques and commemorative displays along the concourses. Enjoy them at your leisure early, well before the escalation of excitement as game time approaches.

Keep the faith,

Larry Lucchino

The letter was a PR stunt gone very wrong.

"This is a real letter by a Major League organization that has won championships. Like, this is not an expansion team. This is not a perpetual loser," NBC Sports Boston's Michael Holley said on NBC10's "The Bobby Valentine Experience" documentary.

"At that point, 2012, this team had won two championships. It wasn't a Mickey Mouse, yahoo market. People aren't going to buy that. What are they thinking?"

As "cheerful" as Cody Ross may have been, that didn't help to boost Boston's morale during the trying 2012 campaign.

"I kind of was the only real bright spot," Ross said. "I was not happy because we weren't winning by any means and it was a miserable kind of experience as far as a team goes."

You can revisit the Lucchino letter and much more from that wild 2012 Red Sox season by watching part of NBC10's "The Bobby Valentine Experience" below. You can watch the full documentary here.

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