Source: Red Sox an ‘extreme long shot' for Stanton


BOSTON — Something significant would have to change for the Red Sox to become a likely destination for Giancarlo Stanton.
One baseball source with knowledge of the Red Sox’ thinking on Tuesday called them “an extreme long shot” as things stand now for a number of reasons. The first would be the asking price. The Marlins are said to want both a haul of prospects and for the team acquiring Stanton to take on the money owed to him (or at least, the vast majority of it). 


The Fish would have to come down on that price — by accepting less talent, eating money or doing both — for a deal to make sense to the Sox. For now, there are more cost-effective options available to the Sox as they pursue power hitting.
The Sox have concerns about the durability of Stanton, 28, and there remains uncertainty about whether he would approve a trade to Boston. Even at that point, there’s a wonder about whether he would really want to be in Boston.
The Red Sox have indeed talked to the Marlins, and Stanton is keeping an open mind through the process 

But multiple reports, as well as logic, make a California-based team appear the most likely destination for Stanton, a Los Angeles-area native who basically controls the process because of a full no-trade clause.

The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reported Tuesday trade talks could drag on. 



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