Should Red Sox keep playing Ortiz at first base?


David Ortiz was back at first base Wednesday night, with Hanley Ramirez at DH and Mike Napoli on the bench.

So, how many games are you going to play, there, Big Papi?

"Hopefully not many,” was his reply to reporters before the game. Ortiz played first on Sunday, his first time there in an American League game in 10 years.

“To play defense you have to prepare yourself. I don’€™t know how this is going to go. I don’€™t know how this is going to play out. Tomorrow we have a day off and I agreed to play first base today," Ortiz went on to say Wednesday. "But if they plan on putting me out there more I have to sit down and talk to them about it because I don’€™t want to be playing out there, not being prepared to play out there, and now all of a sudden I end up getting injured and I lose it all. I have to sit down and talk to them to see what their plan is and go from there because I’€™m not a first baseman overall.”

OK, then.

On Arbella Early Edition, host Gary Tanguay said he's not crazy about what he termed whining from the 39-year-old (former?) DH and talked about Big Papi at first with Lou Merloni and Glenn Ordway.

Watch the video above for their discussion.

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