Shaughnessy: Ortiz to HOF not a ‘slam dunk'


Former Boston Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez is set to enter the National Baseball Hall of Fame on July 26th.

But with an eye on the future, one has to wonder if his former teammate, David Ortiz, will one day join Martinez in Cooperstown.

"Yup, greatest designated hitter that ever lived," said Tony Massarotti on The Baseball Show. "There are people from a bygone era in Major League Baseball who won't vote for the DH because they don't play the field. The position has been in existence now for what, almost fifty years? At some point are we going to accept the fact that the DH is part of the deal? You have, to me, the guy whose done it better than anyone who has ever done it. Yes, he goes in."

Dan Shaughnessy isn't ready to put Ortiz in the Hall of Fame just yet. 

"The DH thing, I don't have the big bias against that. I do have a problem with the PEDs, failing the test in '03," said Shaughnessy. "I'm out on those guys… I'm still holding the line there. This is seven or eight years away. You don't get on the ballot until five years after you retire. I don't know what we're going to know seven or eight years from now. So I don't have to declare at this point. If the election were today, the answer is no because that's how I deal with these guys.  

"Even numerically - take away the PED thing, take away the DH thing - it's not the slam dunk that everyone here thinks it is. It's not."

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