Schilling: Lester's comments 'embarrassing, sad'


Ex-Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling called Jon Lester's comments to Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe about the Sox needing "more structure" than Terry Francona providing "embarrassing and . . . sad", because it showed a lack of maturity on the parts of the players, and that the 2011 Sox had "no leadership whatsoever in that clubhouse".

"That kind of boggles my mind that Lester said that, because at the end of the day, these are grown men," Schilling said on WEEI Radio's 'Mut and Merloni' Show. "Do you need a manager to tell you? They all knew, and you always know, when youre doing something questionable or wrong.

"They chose not to correct it, and because they chose not to correct it, I think some of them were absolutely not in good enough shape to pitch through September and help them win games.

Schilling went on to add: "Thats sad. Thats embarrassing, and thats sad. That basically says, at the age of 28, 29, 30, I need an adult more mature than me to give me rules and guidelines. ... Thats sad, because thats why we won World Series. We won those World Series because Francona was that way, because he allowed us to police ourselves. What it says to me even more clearly, they have no leadership whatsoever in that clubhouse."

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