Red Sox have second-best odds to win AL pennant


According to online casino Bovada, the Red Sox have the second-best odds to win the American League pennant after the trade deadline.

Though the Yankees currently sit first in the AL East and made greater improvements ahead of Monday’s non-waiver deadline, Boston has the best odds in the AL East. The Sox have the fifth-best odds to win the World Series, which puts them second among AL teams behind only the Astros. 

The Indians sit right behind the Sox, with the Yankees seventh. The top 10 is as follows: 

Dodgers: 11/4 
Astros: 9/2
Cubs: 7/1
Nationals: 7/1
Red Sox: 15/2
Indians: 8/1
Yankees: 9/1
Diamondbacks: 25/1
Royals: 25/1
Rockies: 33/1

Boston's odds have decreased since July 1, as the Sox had 13/2 odds to win the World Series then, which ranked fourth. Though the Sox have been leapfrogged by the Nationals, their July 1 odds were also second among AL teams.

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