Pomeranz in line to pitch Sunday, but rain may juggle Red Sox rotation


BOSTON -- Drew Pomeranz is in line to pitch Sunday in Detroit, but the potential for a rainout Thursday may interfere even if he is deemed ready.

The Sox could juggle their rotation at that point.

"I feel about normal for the beginning of the year," said Pomeranz, who threw in a minor-league game Monday in Florida. "I feel great. I've got 90 pitches in, I feel that’s what most people did the last start anyway, so I feel I'm right where I need to be."

Pomeranz didn’t exactly seem like a man oozing confidence, but he’s laid back to begin with. At the same time, if there's an opportunity to get him more rest, the Red Sox should take it.

Manager John Farrell didn’t offer a definitive plan for the rotation in case of a rainout.

"Everything points to him making a start this upcoming series," Farrell said. "The only thing that could effect the actual day is, one, his eligibility, which is Sunday. And then, two, the weather and how that might affect the rotation going forward over the next turn through the rotation.

"We haven’t made a Plan B in the event that tomorrow is rained out, but it’s a consideration at this point. Then we also have to factor if we are rained out tomorrow, what is the makeup date.

"There’s not many off-days that are not violation of the number of consecutive games played. And the mutual off dates, while I think there are five between us, I think four of them are in violation [of scheduling rules]."

An off-day April 13 would not be in violation, Farrell said, and could be a potential make-up date.

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