Ortiz praises Farrell but says firing seemed inevitable


David Ortiz has never been shy about speaking his mind about management, whether it was grousing about his contract, his feelings about the Red Sox manager before John Farrell (who was that again?) or what talent the Sox should look to acquire. 


After Farrell's firing Wednesday, Ortiz, now working for FOX Sports' postseason baseball pregame and postgame shows, was asked about it. 

“I live in Boston, and in Boston, the whole talk sometime during the year was that that was going to happen," Ortiz said. "Managing in a big market, it’s a survive-and-advance type of job, so it finally ended up happening. I played for John, and John was a good manager to me. He kept things under control in the clubhouse. But like I said, managing in a big market is hard. It’s not an easy thing to do.” 

Ortiz played under Farrell from 2013-16 - helping Farrell and the Red Sox win the World Series title in '13 - and, of course, was the Sox DH when Farrell was the Boston's pitching coach from 2007-10. 

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