Nobody actually thought David Price was mad about the water, right?


David Price is sensitive and, seemingly, not the nicest guy from time to time. He’s obviously fallen out of favor with Red Sox fans given the whole Dennis Eckersley incident, but at some point the flak he receives has to reach the point of absurdity. 

Maybe that came Tuesday, after it was pointed out that David Price did bit of a Snooki “wah” face after being splashed by water during the Red Sox’ walkoff celebration. 

That was amusing, and though everyone should have assumed anyway that he wasn’t actually mad, the MLB Network’s cameras caught Price smiling right after. 

That should have been it, but naturally a lot of the internet took it as an excuse to pile on. The New York Daily News posted a story about it, teasing that Price was “NOT happy.”

Nobody in their right mind should actually think Price was legitimately angry, but maybe that speaks to how little people think of Price right now. Maybe they think he's so sensitive that even water gets to him. They'd be wrong, but it's hard to change a sports fan's mind. They're stubborn, you see. 



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