McAdam/Merloni: What does the future hold for Farrell?


Despite the Boston Red Sox' recent surge before the All-Star break, many are still wondering if manager John Farrell's job is safe.

"I think he's safe through the rest of the season unless something completely unforeseen happens in the clubhouse and it gets really ugly," said Red Sox Insider McAdam. "If the team finishes last for the third time in four years and the second time in a row on Farrell's watch, then he could very well be in trouble. I just don't see anything happening during the season where they make a change in the dugout."

If the Red Sox find a way to get back into the playoff chase, Lou Merloni believes Farrell can not only keep his job, but look very good in the process. 

"If this team does come back in and play meaningful games in September, you can look at a guy like John Farrell and say, 'yeah, there were some rough patches but he held it together," said Merloni. "'There is an opportunity to elevate himself. We'll say the patience paid off, sticking with this guy, sticking with that guy, figuring things out. There's a way he comes out really looking good." 

Watch the full conversation between Sean McAdam and Lou Merloni in the video above.

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