Martinez: '60 percent' of players used PEDs in his day


Pedro Martinez has been consistent in his disapproval of those who used PEDs during his career. But he is under no illusions that the ones we talk about the most — Manny Ramirez and other All-Stars and would-be Hall of Famers — were unique in this regard. Martinez:

“It wasn’t just Manny,” Martinez said of the use of performance-enhancing drugs. “Probably 60 percent of baseball was doing that.”

The numbers on this tend to be all over the place, but I feel like if we graphed these estimates from players over the years the biggest blob of dots would be just north of 50 percent. Certainly hundreds of players were using then.

Which, assuming Martinez is being truthful when he said he was clean, makes his accomplishments all the more impressive, if that’s even possible.

-- Craig Calcaterra, NBC's Hardball Talk

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