Farrell, Sox ready for trade deadline week


BOSTON - John Farrell remembers how crazy last year's MLB trade deadline was for the Sox.

He remembers talking with Jon Lester on a number of occasions once it became pretty clear that he was going to be traded.

That, says Farrell, is when the conversations between manager and player become more than just about baseball.

"You forge relationships with guys because you've been with them in so many different experiences and those will never be forgotten," Farrell said.

The Sox expect a quieter deadline this year, but that doesn't mean that trades won't happen, or that it might creep into the back of some players' minds causing a bit of a distraction.

"You'd like to think that the attention and focus is on today's work and preparation for tonight," Farrell said. "Sure it's a natural thing to start to see players get traded. Every day there's probably going to be a prominent name that changes uniforms. But I don't know that there's been a lot of rumor surrounding any guys in our clubhouse. If there's any talk, what has been handled in the past is that there's some communication with the player that you try to stem some of those distractions or thoughts. But we're not at that point."

Trade deadline week is always a pretty tense time around the league, and that remains true in Boston where the Sox are usually active in some capacity.

"There's a couple things that quickly come to mind," Farrell said. "One, that you're always looking for additions. You're looking for ways to improve your team. You're looking for guys that might come in to sure up an area that's in need of. Like I said, I think the temperature in the clubhouse can be different depending on the intensity of some of the rumors. Our guys are smart. They're aware of what's going on whether it's communication from their agent or otherwise. But again, I'd like to think that we've got enough veterans that stay focused on what we've got to do tonight."

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