Doubront ‘fine' after taking ball off head


BOSTONFelix Doubront gave the Red Sox a brief scare Tuesday afternoon when he was hit near his right ear by a ball off a fungo bat while playing catch in the outfield.

Doubront was checked by the medical staff and cleared. General manager Ben Cherington and assistant GM rushed through the clubhouse to check on Doubront after he was helped from the field.

I didnt see the ball, just came right to my ear, Doubront said. But Im fine. Im good.

Still, its frightening for a team to see anyone hit in the head with a ball.

Whenever anybody comes off the field you hold your breath but he tested fine, Bobby Valentine said. He feels good, he knows where he is, he knows where hes going la-de-dah. Thank goodness it just hit his ear. I think hes going to be just fine.

Doubront is 3-1 with a 4.46 ERA in seven starts this season. He beat Cleveland in his last start Saturday, going six innings, giving up a run on three this with two walks and five strikeouts.

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