BOSTON SPORTS TONIGHT PODCAST: Why is Dombrowski dodging Farrell questions?


0:47 - Steve Buckley joins BST to chat with Michael Holley and Tom Giles about Red Sox general manager Dave Dombrowski strangely dodging questions about John Farrell's firing.

8:53 - Kayce Smith, Phil Perry, and Tom Giles talk about Rob Gronkowski saying he's good to go for Sunday's game vs the Jets and whether they trust Gronk is healthy enough to play.

11:58 - Steve Buckley, Michael Holley, and Tom Giles debate if the Celtics should give Marcus Smart a contract extension, and if they do, how much is he worth?

19:04 - Steve Buckley, Michael Holley, and Tom Giles discuss whether the Red Sox should pursue Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton and who they would give up to acquire him.

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