Alex Cora says Dustin Pedroia will rejoin Red Sox, in some capacity, in September


Will Dustin Pedroia ever get back on the saddle this season?

The former American League MVP and four-time All-Star has seen action in just three games in 2018 while battling injuries. But speaking on Saturday, Red Sox manager Alex Cora remains optimistic that Pedroia could still contribute to the team this season.“

“He feels that he’s going to contribute this year,” Cora said, per the Boston Herald. “I feel the same way. Just a matter of how much time we have. We don’t have anything set as far as timetables, but we’re feeling good with the progress.”

The two-time World Series champ and four-time Gold Glove winner has made just 11 at bats in 2018, and left the team in early July to continue rehabbing his knee in Arizona. Cora said he expects Pedroia to be back in September, regardless of whether he'll be able to get on the field or not.

"If you can contribute on the field, that would be great,” Cora said. “But if we run out of time, I know he can contribute here in the dugout, so it will be good for him to be around.

“He’s been itching since last year to come back. Since he made the last out against the Astros. He cares about this team. Actually, what was it, on Saturday we always have these meetings before games with hitters and whatever, and he was a part of it. I can’t tell you what he said, but it was something like, ‘Score 10, and this and that.’ They answered the bell.”


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